Functions of Hot Air Stenter Machine

  • Hot Air Stenter is electrical machines used in textile industry for stretching or stentering thin fabrics such as muslin. Stenter electrical machines are called as stenter hook. In stenter open compactor fabrics enter. Here Cotton fabric shrinks widthwise & weft are distorted due to bletching & dyeing process.

    Functions of Machinery and Equipment:

    Spirility measured by the stenter m/c

    It works as textile machinery and equipment

    Stenter m/c control shrinkage property

    Stenter mc is used for curing treatment for resin, water repellent fabric

    Heat ambience is controled by the stenter for lycra fabric, constructed and attenuated fabric.

    The acceleration of agriculture into the bolt is college than the acceleration of the Hot Air Stenter apparatus alleged absolute super-feeding (or over-feeding, shrink-code). The absolute overfeeding causes the bastardize yarn to retract, the character body rises, the gram weight increases and the bastardize administration shrinks.

    If the acceleration of the bolt is beneath than the acceleration of the Hot Air Stenter ambience machine, it is alleged anti-overfeed (or abrogating overfeed, cull code). The anti-overfeeding causes the bastardize yarn to elongate, the character body decreases, the gram weight decreases, and the bastardize administration shrinks. There are abounding dyeing factories in China that are accommodating to accomplish some violations of the assumption in adjustment to accompany their own profits.

    Stretching is a finishing plan afterwards dyeing, and it is aswell a actual important process. In the action of stentering, some dyeing factories accept formed harder than the bulk of blah bolt ascribe in adjustment to action the fabric. They are actual cold in cerebration that a lot of barter do not accept the affidavit for this, absolution them do whatever they want.

    Now I accept aggregate some ability of overfeeding during stenter setting, for advertence only.

    In the dyeing and finishing process, the bastardize administration is subjected to a ample affairs force, which tends to could cause a absorption of the bastardize direction, which is an ambiguous state, and the bolt undergoes bastardize abbreviating in water. If you interested in hot air stenter or Flat Screen Printer , please click

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