How to Get Better at Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 20


    The most popular mode within the Madden franchise, Ultimate Team is a longtime gaming tradition. That being said, you are going to want to follow these tips if you want to top the leaderboards.

    Hold off on those player cards. Coins are a precious commodity in Ultimate Team mode. The last thing you want to do is throw them all away. To that end, be patient when it comes to purchasing player cards. These cards will often drop in value as the season continues, making them better purchases in the longrun.

    Master your defensive linebackers. When playing Ultimate Team, online play can be rough. After all, real players are far less predictable than NPCs. The best way to shut down your opponent’s offense is to master controlling your defensive linebackers. By doing this, you can have better control of passing lanes and any runningbacks that are thinking of squeezing into a pocket.

    Ratings are not everything. When purchasing a player from the auction house, it may be difficult at first to not simply buy the highest ranked players. That being said, you are going to want to resist this temptation. Generally speaking, high ranked players will be better than players ranked far below them. That being said, some lower ranked players are better for specific roles. When choosing your players, pay attention to the details. The traits granted by each player card is just as meaningful as the player card rating itself. For more news and updates on Madden NFL 20, stay tuned with , a professional online in-game currency store for selling Cheap Madden NFL 20 Coins


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