General Knowledge of LiCheng Flat Screen Printing Machine


    The whole bit of guide belt of Flat Screen Printing Machine is driven by three roll whole bit principle, control roll of swing angle is dragged by electric motor ,motor of backward and forward running or stop is by two photoelectric switches which only close to the edge of guide belt , under right installation and good paring-off this institutions can guarantee guide with smooth run, partial range can control within ± 3mm.

    Magnetic Chuck:

    Professional magnetic provides a uniform printing penetration, magnetic chuck of Flat Screen Printer is electromagnetic type coil which designed by the latest CAD-CAM system, uniform penetration of printing paste for high-precision mechanism without left, middle right color difference, without maintenance.

    Net Head Chuck:

    High strength flat bearing, in line with the stress direction, increase the service life.

    Stuff Pump:

    Pump body of Flat Screen Printer is made of stainless steel, equipped with manual control and automatic control through slurry liquid bar and PLC control for liquid level.

    Main Drive System of Printing Guide Belt

    Using the CAN trunk technology and 485 communications, realizing centralized processing of the underlying data in the PC and adopt speed control as well as control of the network head, realizing print synchronization , thus ensuring the printing effect.

    Show all information status through the man-machine interface to customers, user-friendly operation and management. The system passed reliability verification under high temperature, high humidity, strong corruption, strong interference environment.

    Independent Drive of Net Head:

    Servo motors can be controlled in a 360 ° circle Rotary precision on flowers, the cumulative error control within the 0.08mm. Main operation panel controller can be easily changed directly addresses interchangeably. High-performance converter encodes speed closed loop control. Other drive motor adopt general purpose inverter; from analogue into digital type system, thus ensuring the accuracy of synchronous control system.

    Internal Electrical Control System of Frame Head:

    Printing units all equipped with independent servo motors, the most advanced AC servo drivers, each unit equipped with prefabricated cable connectors through optical fiber communications to ensure the printing precision of printer, electrical system maintenance is very convenient.

    Flat Sceren Printing Machine, Hot Air Stenter

    LiCheng Teach You Operate And Maintain Flat Screen Printer

    We should focus on the preparation for starting up, operation and closing down. If you follow that, the service life of the Flat Screen Printing Machine will be extended and work efficiency will be improved. Some operations are as follow.

    First, prepare the printing process according to the process and sample requirements.

    Second, determine the number of cloth and connect the belt according to the product situation.

    Third, adjust the amplitude of the glue and the thickness of the glue.

    Fourth, adjust the water washing device.

    Fifth, carry out registration.

    Sixth, according to the process requirements, grind the blade edge and match the color paste bucket as needed.

    Seventh, connect the white cloth and the end of the cloth guide band, push the glue-on mechanism, and drive according to the electrical program so that hot air will be circulatory, and drying room will be heated.

    Eighth, after one cycle, the front of the flower cloth is connected with the guide cloth belt in the drying room, the drying room linkage clutch is operated, and the flower cloth enters the drying room.

    On the other hand, prompt maintenance also plays an important role in extending the service life of the Flat Screen Printer . It’s advisable to take the following measures.

    First, when the phototube is damaged, the registration is wrong, the light control is out of order, and the photodiode and phototube should be adjusted.

    Second, when the lift switch is out of order, and the machine stops, you should check whether travel switch is fine or not.

    Third, when the scraper action fails, check the travel switch. When the times of squeegee is incorrect, the counting device is faulty.

    Fourth, the whole machine electrical components need to be inspected whether the inspection work is normal once a week. In addition, check whether the screw is loose and the contact is good.

    Fifth, if the temperature of the drying room can’t reach a standard level, the cloth is not dry, you can use the "up delay" or "down delay" to make appropriate operation, or start the exhaust to exclude water vapor.

    Sixth, in the event of an accident, press the “Emergency Stop” button and the machine will stop running immediately. If the fault cannot be cleaned within 5 minutes, stop heating to remove steam.

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